Chicken enchilada soup

It is supposed to be rainy and cold here in Columbus, Ohio this weekend so I thought I would share an easy soup you can throw in the crock pot.


2-4 breast of chicken

1 cup corn

1 cup black beans

3 cups chicken broth

1 cup diced tomatoes 

1 cup tomatoe sauce 

1/2 onion chopped

1 tsp minced Gaelic

1 tsp cumin and oregano 

1-2 table spoons jalapeños 


1. Mix all ingredients in the crockpot and cook on high 4 hrs or low 6 hrs!


-plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream or mix in a laughing cow cheese!

– cilantro 

Super super easy!!

Thanks for reading and Have a great weekend!



We all get in a rut…

After a great summer of cocktails and a lot of HIIT workouts I was ready to change things up in the kitchen and in the gym.  Anyone else feel the same?

I’ve learned that restricting diets do not work for me so I wanted to make sure I tried something that would allow me to continue to have a healthy relationship with food and not spend hours and hours at the gym.  That is not a lifestyle.

My friend mentioned a challenge she saw from a personal trainer and asked if I was interested in doing it with with her.  The challenge was a 30 day cut which included:

1. Workouts for 6 days a week for 30 days..Workouts included Low Intensity cardio, lifting, and HIIT.

2. Carb Cycling Macros…Monday High carb day, Tuesday & Wednesday low carb, Thursday High carb, Friday-Sunday low carb.


3. My real motivation was she was going to pick TWO WINNERS and each would win $500 to Lululemon.  Ok, I was IN!
Laying it all out there for you guys.  I was excited to see how my body would react to new macros and new workouts.

What I loved about this challenge:

  1. The fact that someone gave me workouts to do everyday and I didn’t have to come up with them!
  2. LISS (Low Intensity Steady State Cardio)  two days a week….This means I literally jogged at a 4.7 speed to keep my heart rate at 145-155….I haven’t done steady cardio for a LONG time so I kind of had a love/hat relationship with this.
  3. I only had to do HIIT 2 days a week
  4. Carb cycling….It was a nice change up in my food cycle and got me cooking new things! Though I was definitely hungry because of the lower calories I still felt like I could eat (Meaning I was still able to work in my bagel!!)

What I struggled with:

  1. The lower macros especially the low fat…Yes I liked the carb cycling but the low macros mad me HANGRY a lot!
  2. Having to hit the gym a little earlier then normal on a few days..Since we had steady cardio added in with our lifting it meant the alarm went off a littler earlier then I would like!
  3. Cocktails…Yes I worked them in a few Saturdays but I really wanted to push myself and not splurge too much!


No I didn’t win…but it helped me realize that the body is capable of doing anything.  I worked hard for 30 days and never really felt restricted.  Yes my macros were lower then I would like but I was able to make it a lifestyle.  That is key..if you are trying something new make it a lifestyle.

In order to stay motivated for anything it is so important to change things up! If you are struggling with what to do in the gym or what to make in the kitchen don’t be afraid to check out all the resources available now-a-days…aka; pinterest, social media, or ask me, I am HAPPY to help!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Two easy recipes!

Oh Hey! Sorry for the lack of posts lately…no excuses here just trying to think of quality posts and just didn’t want to repeat myself!!!

So today I wanted to share two very easy recipes! One is my go to for lunch EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and the other is one I threw together on Sunday!

Zucchini Spaghetti with Chicken sausage

If you don’t have a spiralizer you need one..I mean ASAP! It seriously is so easy and it helps create a healthy meal.  This is the one I have…Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer 


1-2 zucchini’s

1/2 diced onion

1 Red Pepper

1 chicken sausage..My favorite brand is from Trader Joe’s called,  Smoked Chicken Andouille Sausage

1/4 cup Rao Marinara sauce

1 tbps parm cheese


  1. Spiralize zucchini
  2. Saute chicken sausge, onions and peppers
  3. Place all ingredients in a bowl or tupperwear if you are taking for lunch and mix together
  4. sprinkle with parm cheese!

(I just heat it up at work when I’m ready to eat it!)

See so EASY!!!!

This next dish I literally threw together on Sunday so I apologize that I have no pictures to share (I wasn’t sure if it was going to be any good! haha!)

Beef Stew


  1. Chunked beef tips
  2. Handful of carrots chopped
  3. Handful of celery chopped
  4. Half of an onion diced
  5. 5 small red potatoes quartered
  6. 1/4 cup flour
  7. 1 cup beef broth
  8. 1 tbps worchester sauce
  9. Salt/Pepper


1.Put Beef Tips in the crock pot

2. In a bowl mix the flour, salt and pepper and then mix it with the beef tips

3.  Add all other ingredients

4. Cook on low for 6 hrs or high for 4-6 hrs!

I was told by Jeff that this was so good and needs to be added to the rotation!!!


Thanks so much for reading!!!


Popping in on this little blog of mine on a Saturday to remind everyone about #movememonday!  Monday is the two year mark of #movememonday. Every Monday you can help us bring the fight to end cancer. All you have to do is move!!!

Here are the basics:

1. Check out the Linda W. Daniel Foundation 

2. Move on Monday and post your beats or comment on my post with how many beats you had!

Have some fun when you post your beats!

3. What the heck are beats?… 1 beat equals 1 mile of exercise or 1 beat equals 15 minutes of exercise. For example 3 miles running = 3 beats or 1 hr of exercising= 4 beats!

4. 1 beat = $1 towards cancer research. Each week or month a foundation is chosen by the sponosor and they donate the amount of money that was done in beats on that Monday! For example 546 beats= $546 towards cancer research!

5. Prevention is power. All you have to do is move!!!!! Help us end this awful disease! 

6.  If you need workout ideas comment below and I’m happy to give suggestions!!

I challenge you to get moving on Monday!!!

So get up Monday and help us fight cancer..all you have to do is sweat!!!!!

My Go To Snack!

Recently I have been working with Lovely Life Styling (click to check out her amazing blog and one of the first bloggers I EVER followed!) on workouts and tracking her food.  One area most of us struggle with in regards to eating is getting enough protein.  Usually when we want to snack we tend to go for carbs and fats.  So, here is my favorite snack that is high in protein.  I usually have this snack after work or on the weekends before we are headed out to help stop me from over eating!!!

Buffalo “chicken” dip

1 can of tuna, chicken or shredded chicken (any of these work!)

1-2 wedges of laughing cow cheese (depends how creamy you like it!)

3 tbsp hot sauch

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and heat in the microwave for 1 minute.

Serve with celery or sometimes I use a handful of pretzel thins!

You can also make this without hot sauce if you want your kids to try it too (My son didn’t mind the hot sauce though! ha!)

What are some of your favorite go to snacks?

Thanks for reading!!!!

Are you doing these things daily?

The alarm goes off in the morning and before you know it the day is over and you are already setting the alarm again for the next day. I’ve noticed since having kids the days just seem to go by faster. 

So, here is a list of five things I try to make sure I do everyday:

  1. Give my husband and kids a kiss and tell them I love them.  This may sound silly and obvious but there are some days that Jeff and I are in robot mode and I stop and think, gosh I haven’t even given him a hug today!  I just feel it is important to take that half of a second and show the people you love that you love them.

2. Exercise….which also gives me that “me time”…The days of the week that I workout and then have to run home to get the boys to the sitter and to work by 7:20 I hardly breathe until i’m at school.  But that hour in the morning is for me and I wouldn’t give that up!

3. Drink WATER! I’ve mentioned this many times, but I try to drink at least a gallon of water a day.  It makes me feel less bloated and my skin  feels more hydrated.

4. Organize my desk before I leave work for the day.  There is something so refreshing about walking into my classroom the next morning and my desk is not a mess.

5.  Feed my family a balanced dinner.  I definitely get some help from Jeff on this one (there are days I run out of dinner ideas and he comes to my rescue).  But, my goal is to cook from scratch and not eat out during the week.


And…One thing I do EVERY FRIDAY…..Buy myself flowers…because what girl doesn’t love flowers!


What do you try to accomplish daily?

Thanks for reading!!!

What I’m eating

For the last five years I have had the same schedule at work.  This year my administration changed things up, and my co workers automatically looked at me and said, “well, this will messup your food schedule.”  They know me so well!  Surprisingly, I was excited about the change (“lunch” at 10:45 was definitely getting old) and ready to have a new schedule.

So now that my day looks a little more normal (lunch at 12:30!) I thought I would share what my day of eating looks like!

Even though I am up at 4:35 and workout at 5:00, my first meal of the day isn’t until 7:15 when I get to school.  I am not doing any type of intermittent fasting (which seems to be the new trend) I unfortunately have to take my thyroid medicine on an empty stomach and need to wait at least an hour for it to settle in..#nothyroidproblems.  So that is why I wait to eat until 7:15.  I do recommend if you work out in the morning to get something in your stomach to get your metabolism going!

Morning Smoothie( see recipe here) and egg muffins (recipe here)

Mid Morning Snack 1/4 cup quick oats with Trader Joe’s Pea Protein, peanut butter, unsweetened cocoa and cinnamon

Lunch zucchini noodles with RAO sauce, chicken sausage, parm cheese, and two pieces of Ezekiel bread

Afternoon snack rice cake and peanut butter or turkey wraps

Dinner changes each night but here I had lean ground beef and white corn tortillas 


What are your go to foods each day??

Thanks for reading!!!

A new protein powder

My hunt for a clean ingredient protein powder continues…I’ve found a few great ones but I felt like I was paying an arm and leg! My family goes through a lot of smoothies so my hunt continued!

So, I decided to check out Trader Joe’s protein and couldn’t believe how cheap..umm $13.99!!…and how little ingredients their brand had. I bought one container went and crossed my fingers that the boys would like the flavor and that I would too!!! 

Mission accomplished! 

Here is our go to smoothie recipe every morning!

-Trader Joe’s organic Pea Protein powder (1 scoop for the boys and 2 scoops for me)

– 1 tbsp powder peanut butter

-1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

– 1/4 of an avocado 

– 1 handful mixed greens

– 1/2 banana for the boys

– handful of ice and 1-2 cups water

Mix on high and enjoy!!

What are some of your favorite smoothie recipes?!!

Thanks for reading!!

Fitness Friday 

Hot, sweaty, and out of my comfort zone. That is how I have started each Friday all summer long. I mentioned in a past post that my friend and I set the goal to go to Harbor Yoga every Friday. We wanted a change and wanted to challenge ourselves. Well, mission accomplished. I highly recommend taking one day a week to try something new and to change things up.

If you live in the Columbus area there are so many new fitness focused activities are a few options:

Orange theory

Sweat local Columbus

Peak performance 

Cycle bar 


So if your looking for a change or ready to step out of your comfort zone I challenge you to find something and try it next Friday!! 

Thanks for reading!!!

Leg day and HIIT

Last day of lifting for the week! Be sure to google any exercises or feel free to ask me! 

5 minute warmup 

3×15 pulse lunge with bar


3×10 reverse lunge on box 
4×30 seconds over box shuffle holding plate
4×12 deep sumo squat to dead lift with kb 


4×15 standing inner thigh machine 
4×20 walking lunge (hold kb in one hand and then switch hands on way back)

HIIT: 1 min walk, 1 minute jog, 1 minute sprint..repeat for 20 minutes!

Thanks for reading!!!