The Food Babe

So, you know when you drive by a car accident and you can’t help but to drive by slowly and look even though you really don’t want to see the damage that has been done?  Well, that is kind of how I felt as I read the book, “The Food Babe Way.”  I wanted to put it down because of all the scary things I was reading about the ingredients in our food but I continued to read and become more and more shocked.

I first heard about the Food Babe when she posted about how bad pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks are for you..and I’m not talking about calories, I’m talking about the ingredients that are used.  I became intrigued by her and began to read her blog, Food Babe.  Then, my friend at work told me about her book, and of course I had to read it.

Since I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer last year, I have tried to educate myself more on the foods we are putting into our bodies and if those foods are the causes of more and more cancer.  I know some things are out of my hands, but if I can feed myself and my family the best foods possible then I am going to try.  Some people look at this as a lot of work and think it’s crazy to worry about food this much, but I really think it is important for my generation to become informed and educated on what we are feeding ourselves and our families. So I wanted to share a few things that I learned from the  book, “The Food Babe Way” and hope that you might look a little more closely at the ingredients in some of our foods……

  1. When buying bread look for the ingredient..AZODICARBONAMIDE..if your bread has this put it down..this chemical is also found in yoga mats and shoe rubber.
  2. . Hydrogenated Oils…..hydrogentated oils are used to make a product have a longer shelf life..which means harmful to the body
  3. Butter…When I was growing up margerine was all the rage…however we have learned that real butter actually protects from tumor growth and cancers.  Real butter is filled with Omega 3 fatty acids which are the good fats.  Steer clear of most “conventional butters” O Lakes..because they are filled with GMO’s.  Try to use organic butter or my new favorite butter..GHEE (more on this butter Friday!)
  4. Aspartame: this is an artificial sweetener that is usually in products to help people “loose weight” when really it only makes you crave more sugar and can actually lead to weight gain! Stick to stevia as a sweetener or just use honey!
  5. MSG: this is a flavor enhancer that is found on fast food and processed foods. MSG is added to foods to give it more flavor and is hidden under common ingredients such as, soy protein, yeast extract, and whey protein (yes my beloved protein that I use 😦 )
  6. The one thing that stood out was how many harmful ingredients that are in foods in the United States but are banned in other countries!

When I first started reading this book I had to read it in small chunks because it is over whelming. It makes you think about every restaurant you go into and how to read food labels not just for nutrition purposes but ingredients. My first step has been to cook most of our food and buy food with the least amount of ingredients as possible. I figure this is one small step in the right direction.

The books also talks about what type of alcohol to drink (tequila is the cleanest liquor and Heineken is a good choice in beer), helps you create a grocery list and has a ton of great recipes.
My challenge to you is to look at what you have to eat throughout the day, really look at those foods, and choose one item or one meal that you can “clean up”.   Whether it’s try to not have any products with aspartame or eat a green salad with organic chicken. Try it out and see if you notice any changes in how you feel!

Let me know if you are up for the challenge!!!

Thanks for reading and go check out “The Food Babe Way” if you are looking for more information!!!


2 thoughts on “The Food Babe

  1. Abs! This article is so great. I’ve followed some other people on social media – Wellness Mama, Dr. Aviva Romm – to name a few and they speak this truth too. It’s pretty disgusting the food options we have and even though I have the information, it’s just so much more convenient to buy whatever is there. My friend had a severe reaction to cipro (it’s in many of our antibiotics) and had to heal herself and her gut completely by diet change. At one point she was running 1/2 marathons and the reaction was so bad, she could barely walk for months. The only healing was food.

    Brava on bringing this up. I find a lot of fitness people don’t necessarily get this detailed into the food we put into our bodies, just as long as it fits macros or diet. I’m going to check out the Food Babe (and reluctantly b/c you’re right, it’s hard to read).

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