#movememonday workout

This week I will be sharing my workouts each day! Hopefully you will find something new to try!!!

Monday: legs and 20 min HIIT

I always warm up with a 5 min walk. If you don’t have a treadmill you can do jumping jacks, lunges or high knees to get the blood flowing!

5 sets of 20 res (5 x20): squats…light weight! Practice good form and get low

X (superset.:meaning right after squats)

5×15 : kettle bell swings 

4×15 wide leg press..toes pointed out (you can do sumo squats if you don’t have a leg press)


4×20 walking lunges holding weights

4×10 straight leg deadlift holding a bar or weights


4×10 (each leg) curtsy side kicks

4×10 jumping lunges 

20 minutes of hiit…30 sec spring 1 min recover 

Get moving! And happy Monday!!


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